A Gentle Farewell

For those whom a more gentle, colourful firework display would suit.

small fireworks display
a single 1770 Artilary Cannon
Go Out With a

Similar to the 'Spectacular goodbye', but with great emphasis on the dramatic going out with a 1770 Artilary cannon with fireworks.
A Spectacular
Good Bye

Place your Loved ones Ashes into one of our Funeral Shell and send them out with a bang, A spectacular fireworks Display to Celebrate Life
Celebration of a life

A unique yet personal way to commemorate the loss of a loved one by scattering their cremated ashes high into the sky, by way of a beautiful and spectacular fireworks display
An unforgettable moment of reflection, never forgotten, as sadness and grief are replaced by wonderment and celebration, as the journey towards closure begins.
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