Aerial Shells
We offer a range of aerial shell sizes from:
2.5"  to 12" All of the highest qualitty double fused and go beond Australian Standards
Canister Shells, Water Shells,Water Carpets,Water Ballet's,Wind Bell Shells
These shells reach distances above ground between 100m and 1000m.
Create a greater interest in the display with multiple burst height levels.
The bigger the shell, the better the effects and the wider the variety!
Indoor Fireworks
Our indoor fireworks are cold-fire, designed for use indoors or stage gerbs.
They are suitable for smaller displays.

Lance work
Lance work are for drawing pictures or letters even inages for all different occasions, from weddings to charities.
Ground Cakes (low-level Firerworks)
WestCoast Fireworks have the largest range of ground cakes, varying from 19 shots to 600 shots, these ground cakes add the true variety to any fireworks show.
Each ground cake is personally designed by WestCoast representatives in China, and each contain multiple colours, effects, speeds and shapes.
WestCoast stock a range of Fan, 'Z', 'S', Straight, 'W', 'V' and Mixed-Shape cakes, with a range of pre-programmed firing speeds, inspiring a unique and extraordinary display.
There is a large difference in ground cakes. Many will offer a high number of shots,
but lots of shots dont mean big breaks . Ground cakes are based on tube size
All of our cakes start at 30mm and go up from there.
We may not offer the most number of shots but we will give the Best Bang for your Buck
For all Enquiries please contact Tania on 0448 744 238