Aerial Shells
We offer a range of aerial shell sizes including:
  • 2.5"
  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 5"
  • 6"
  • 8"

These shells reach distances above ground between 100m and 210m. Create a greater interest in the display with multiple burst height levels.
Also, the bigger the shell, the better the effects and the wider the variety!

Aerial shells ranging from 3" and above.
Water Features
WestCoast offer a variety of pyrotechnic water features, including 5" water shells and specialty water cakes.
WestCoast Fireworks offer a unique 5" aerial shell exclusive to Western Australia.
The Windbell shell is designed to burst as a normal aerial shell, but the contents 'hang' in the air, slowly burning for approximately a minute. Used generally as a finale shell, the Windbell is a shell designed to gracefully disappear into the night after the ultimate fireworks finale.
Ground Cakes (Low-Level Fireworks)
WestCoast Fireworks have the largest range of ground cakes, varying from 19 shots to 600 shots, these ground cakes are the true variety to any fireworks show.
Each ground cake is personally designed by WestCoast representatives in China, and each contain multiple colours, effects, speeds and shapes.
WestCoast stock a range of Fan, 'Z', 'S', Straight, 'W', 'V' and Mixed-Shape cakes, with a range of pre-programmed firing speeds, inspiring a unique and extraordinary display.
Daylight Smoke Shells
WestCoast also supplies a range of coloured smoke shells designed to be visible during the day. A simple alternative to a night show, these daylight fireworks are suitable for small event openings or other short-time displays.

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Indoor Fireworks
Our indoor fireworks are cold-fire, designed for use indoors or stage gerbs. They are suitable for smaller displays.
All products are subject to availability and suitability. This may mean that location, weather or other logistical factors render the product unavailable, unsuitable or unsafe and so it is best to Contact Us to find out more information on the product you wish to be included in your display.
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WestCoast Fireworks offer a variety of shells, colours, effects and special items such as water features and cold-fire indoor fireworks.
Contact us to find out more about our large range of specialty items.
Indoor fireworks, specifically Catherine Wheels (on wall) and Gerbs (behind couple).
Indoor/Outdoor Flame Machines
These flame-machines has a large range of applications; from indoor to outdoor events, we can use these machines almost anywhere. With a small three metre exclusion zone, the flame machines are perfect for close-crowd events. The machines can be manually fired or preprogrammed to fire in time to music. To find out more, contact WestCoast Fireworks today.
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