Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is NO, in Western Australia you need to have a license to buy fireworks as per State Legislation.

The cost of a fireworks display varies. We initially ask you (the client) as to your projected budget. Then, we can explain to you the elements that will determine what kind of fireworks display or performance you can expect for that budget.

Generally the larger the diameter the higher the firework will go.

An aerial shell, although it may have a ‘tail’, has its main burst in the sky. A ground firework will begin its burst from the moment it leaves its mortar (firing tube), and may have several different effects including whistles, direction changes, whizzers and loud reports.

If the weather is not conducive to allow the safe firing of your display, then you should have a secondary plan to fire your display on another night. This is normally the following night or on another night that is agreed on by you and WestCoast Fireworks, however it must be in the same calendar year.

The distance factors are established by AS2187.4 regulations. These are dependent on the largest size and type of shells being used. In other words the largest shell used dictates the minimum distance required. However, as wind direction and strength is often unpredictable, we prefer to increase the distance for a safety buffer zone.

Permit applications to the Department of Industry and Resources take a minimum of two weeks to process, as well as town Shires require a minimum of two weeks to sign the appropriate part of the application. We recommend speaking to your local council office to find out their requirements, and to complete your budget and display booking within two months ahead of the desired date.

Before we put forward a quote we like to inspect the proposed site, to determine the safety distance factors and other logistical considerations. We make our proposals based on what is the safest scenario possible for the client. This may require a location change even if a fireworks display has been hosted at the same site successively without incident; our best interest is to prevent accidents and injuries to spectators.

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