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WestCoast Fireworks offers a unique alternative to event starters and memorial ceremonies. Supplying a 1770’s replica cannon.

We have proudly supported the HMAS Memorial Celebrations in Geraldton since the building of the memorial site and hope to continue well into the future.

Some of the events the Cannon has been used for in the past, Memorial services, Opening of Regatta’s, Opening of sports seasons, Beginning of Marathons and part of salutes for funerals and celebrations of Life.


Whether incorporated with indoor/close proximity fireworks or stand alone, confetti machines bring that little bit of extra magic to events.

WestCoast Fireworks provides high-quality confetti cannons, using biodegradable confetti, rice paper, to fuel our confetti machine, so easy clean up is assured. These cannons bring a whole new level to handheld confetti and make for a real showpiece and are available in various sizes and colours.

Our confetti cannons are suitable for almost any event, including:

Stage shows, Product launches, Weddings, Anniversaries, New Year’s Eve parties, Christmas parties, Birthdays, Corporate functions, Music events, Festivals, Fairs, Baby Showers, Genders reveals and many more.


We at WestCoast Fireworks can produce small or large columns of flame, even fireballs for any event or concept. Flame projectors create a small tower of fire from a fixed point. These effects can enhance any indoor or outdoor sporting event, corporate convention or special event production. Flame units can provide short burst and long duration flames. No matter which effect you are looking for, we are bound to have the effect that will bring excitement to your next event.


Here at WestCoast Fireworks we have been privileged to work with some talented tv and movie production teams, building a portfolio of safe special effects, including bullets firing, ricochet bullets, land mines, blasts of all kinds, smoke and many more effects.

If your planning a TV event or Movie project get in touch, our design team will defiantly help you to bring your ideas to fruition.


Create some illusion of dancing on the clouds at your wedding or next celebration. WestCoast Fireworks uses high quality smoke and fog machines that will help create the atmosphere of your next celebration, whether incorporated around the base of your indoor/close proximity fireworks or mixed with lights to create that wow factor for your next event, whether that be a festival, birthday celebration, wedding or music gig. Fog and smoke machines make for excellent photography and video footage or to create a surreal feel to your next event.

Planning Your Next Event?

WestCoast Fireworks has statewide travel capabilities, ensuring every remote region to every major city has access to our first class displays.

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