Fireworks Display Safety

WestCoast Fireworks thrives on constant safety improvements and adhering to the safety regulations set by the Department of Mines and Petroleum. With our own strict safety guidelines, combined with those from the Department of Mines and Petroleum, WestCoast Fireworks maximises the safety of both the technicians and the spectators, rigidly focusing on our 100% no injury or incident safety record since 1985.

Fireworks Display/Site Safety

All Outdoor Displays conducted by WestCoast Fireworks always comply with Australia Standards AS2187.4 1998, part 4-Pyrotechnics Outdoor Display.
The above Standard relates to all requirements to be followed including such requirements as Storage/Transportation, Site requirements, Safety Distances and Operation and Emergency Procedures.

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Launch Method

Mortars used by WestCoast Fireworks as the firing vessel for aerial shells. These mortars are made of HDPE (high Density Polyethylene) pipe. If, for whatever reason, a shell failed to launch and exploded in the mortar, this material will absorb the explosion without any shrapnel being expended. In accordance with the latest State requirements steel mortars are no longer used by WestCoast Firework.

Display Operations

All “Display Operators” i.e The person responsible for the staging of a fireworks display, employed by WestCoast Fireworks are fully Trained and Licensed in accordance with the above Standard and all State Legislation

WestCoast Fireworks is also CAT3 licenced to transport large qantites of explosives anywhere in Australia.


Display/Site Procedures

Each Pyrotechnician responsible for a pyrotechnic display is required by Law and Company policy to ensure the following is undertaken;

  • Re-assess site for suitability.
  • Re-assess site for safety distance
  • Re-assess site for crowd control
  • Ensure site security is maintained
  • Check wind speed and direction prior to start
  • Check site for unexploded ordinance
  • Cleaning of firing site
  • Subsequent reporting of any incidents immediately

WestCoast Fireworks is proud to emphasize that in its 35 years of operation it has a clean Safety Record with NO reportable incidents and NO Lost Time Injuries. This is attributable to following all State requirements and Company Policy

Emergency Response

WestCoast Fireworks are able to supply their own complete range of fire fighting equiptment for all types of displays, ie; light tankers, fire extinguishers, comercial water pumps and dingy equipt with high pressure water pumps.

Products Used

All products used by WestCoast Fireworks are manufactured to strict guidelines as laid out in AS2187. 4- 1998 Section 2 Para 2.1.1 TO ensure further Safety, all aerial shells used by WestCoast Fireworks are double fused to ensure safe detonation.

Pet Safety

Here at WestCoast Fireworks we are a family of humans and animals, and their safety is also important to us. Here are some helpful tips for your animals you can do during a fireworks display.


  • Keep your pets secured INSIDE your home. Even dogs in fenced yards find ways to escape the scary sounds.
  • Give them a safe place to hide. Set up a comfortable room or crate in your house just for them.
  • Use ambient noise to mask the noise. A radio or TV playing comforting music works well.
  • Update their ID’s & microchips (just in case)
  • Skip the celebration and stay home with them. Sometimes your presence makes all the difference
  • Keep them busy. Toys, treats, like Kong’s can help distract them during the display.


  • As with dogs make sure your Cats are inside at dusk, close cat flaps and windows
  • Create a secure area where your cat can get up high to hide, they feel more secure in higher areas
  • Use ambient nose to mask the sound of the fireworks, such as Radio or TV.
  • Update their ID’s and microchips, (just in Case)
  • Hang a note on your door reminding everyone in your household and guests that your cat MUST stay indoors
  • Distract your cat with games and treats, nothing like a bit on one on one with your cat, make the noise outside less freighting.


  • Partly cover outside cages and pens with blankets so an area is soundproofed and hidden, but allow another area for the animals to look out.
  • Provide bedding for small animals to burrow in.
  • Consider bringing them indoors – this will need to be done gradually, so plan ahead.

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WestCoast Fireworks has statewide travel capabilities, ensuring every remote region to every major city has access to our first class displays.

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