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Celebrations of Life

Celebration of a life

At WestCoast Fireworks, we understand that funerals are a trying time. However, these days, funerals are becoming more of a celebration of a life well lived and of their successes and legacy left behind. Funerals are always going to be a sad time but it’s important that we provide a fitting send-off for those we love. Perhaps you want to send a loved one off in style by having their ashes incorporated into our fireworks,? Or maybe you just want a beautifully designed fireworks display to add some wonder and magic to an otherwise difficult day?

Giving all an unforgettable moment of reflection, never forgotten, as sadness and grief are replaced by wonderment and celebration, as the journey towards closure begins.

Whatever your fireworks needs may be, our caring and respectful team will be more than happy to help.


A Gentle Farewell

For those whom a more gentle, colourful firework display would suit a small fireworks display or a single 1770 Artilary Cannon

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Go Out With a ‘Bang’

Similar to the ‘Spectacular goodbye’, but with great emphasis on the dramatic going out with a 1770 Artilary cannon with fireworks.


A Spectacular Goodbye

Place your Loved ones Ashes into one of our Funeral Shell and send them out with a bang, A spectacular fireworks Display to Celebrate Life

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WestCoast Fireworks has statewide travel capabilities, ensuring every remote region to every major city has access to our first class displays.

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